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The new villa complex can be reached by golf cart and lies just on the other side of a red steel bridge from the center of the Lifestyle Holiday Resort. 39 villas are nestled into the hilly landscape, grouped around the romantic lake and “Don Vicente”, extending all the way to the foot of “La Rocca”. The modern architecture of these homes brings out the surrounding topography and is enhanced by mature palm trees and mangroves.

Every villa is surrounded by its own Caribbean garden including a pool, terrace and loggia. Garden walls protect the residents’ privacy while long driveways hint at the generous open plan rooms of the villas themselves.

Spacious living rooms are bordered by 5, 6 and 7 bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms. The homes are characterized by luxurious fittings. The large windows and French doors were imported from Europe. The light-colored stone flooring flows throughout the entire house and adds a touch of noble elegance in combination with the sleek, modern furniture.

Here you can find information regarding the project, location, the facilities, plans and other information.

About the Architect Hans Roth

Roth_architectArchitect Hans Roth was born in 1947 in the city of Linz in the country of Austria. He received his engineering degree at the advanced Technical School in Linz. After serving in the military he started studying architecture at the Technical University in Vienna spending an additional five years as an apprentice in the architectural profession.

Roth’s interest in architecture awoke during his time at technical school when he found himself interested in not only construction technique, but also in the structure and creation by combining theory with reality. He found himself fascinated and searching for ways to combine the very best of architectural solutions for the benefit of the environment and the people that utilize the buildings.

In 1980, Roth branched out on his own, creating his own company, “Architekt DI Hans Roth”. He started with a single employee and now, after 32 years as an Architect; he has three offices in Austria, (one in Vienna – the old city of emperor and capital of Austria, one in the west part of the country and one in the central part of Austria), plus two additional branches in Germany and Hungary, as well as over 65 employees of architects and engineers.

Roth’s work, experience and professionalism are reflected in several different sectors: Construction of single family homes, large Commerce and Administration offices, projects in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, as well as the renovations of old and historical buildings.

In keeping with his work, the firm is broken into two exceptional departments; one dedicated to the renovation of old and historical buildings, while the second one is dedicated to the construction of new projects. The firm provides a unique work environment and philosophy that has produced award-winning results in design, making his style of modern architecture much sought after.

Roth has been invited to participate in numerous international architect shows and expositions where his work, both new construction and renovations, has received both international acclaim, awards and accolades. Important new projects for the firm include: construction of the ‘City Vienna Nord,’ a large shopping mall in Austria; the construction of the ‘Akademie für Führungskräfte der Europäischen Union’ in Vienna which is an academy for high level executives of the EU, located in the garden of the “Laudon” castle, and the construction of a water park, ‘Aquapulco in Bad Schallerbach’ that became famous as the largest park in Austria and became an icon that many projects later imitated.

Renovation projects for the firm include: a Hospital in Austria, “Hanusch Krankenhaus Vienna”, the Ethnologic Museum in Vienna, which is a museum of ethnologic history, culture and common life mainly of the nations outside Europe, and the Bastion of the Emperor which is a true tribute to a time when Austria had an Emperor.

International projects for the company have been completed in Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, and currently in the Dominican Republic, with the new villa project at Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club. The New LHVC project encompasses a modern design for the new residential area of high-end villas that are of quality construction. The plans considered the harshness of the tropical area and setting, but without destroying the elements and characters of the environment. Instead the method combines the two in a harmonic and symbiotic combination.

The goal is to take advantage of the beauty Mother Nature provides, while taming and structuring the area using natural elements such as rock and water to create unforgettable impressions.

This new project is the culmination of years of experience of the Architekten Bachner Roth firm, and will be a jewel in the work of Hans Roth, his company, for the benefit of LHVC and their members.

Site Plan