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Lifestyle Real Estate is the exclusive real estate agent for the sale of all Lifestyle developments and offers the opportunity for 100% titled real estate ownership starting from one bedroom apartments to luxury beach front villas, all combined with a hasslefree luxurious turn-key estate residence rental and vacation program including an annual usage plan, no fees, expenses or maintenance costs within the Lifestyle Resort’s family.

Property ownership is completely hassle free without having to worry about maintenance, repairs etc. everything is taken care of for you. With own weeks to use every year for owners and their guests without blackout dates, a wide range of properties are available for you, featuring amazing amenities such as private chef and butler to a gourmet barbecue in your villa, helicopter and limo transfers, access to a private yacht as well as a private jet available to owners, plus exclusive areas and so much more!

As an owner you have access to our exclusive real estate concierge and service assistant, to help make your experience… perfect! They will provide you with assistance in making reservations, as well as booking and service requests.


The Sunrise Suites is a boutique luxury development, nestled within the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort. Built with the highest standards, this 4-story building overlooks the entire resort and features breathtaking mountain and ocean views.

Sea, sun, sand and fun is all around you. With a plethora of top luxury restaurant options, entertainment venues and so much to see and do, this is the perfect locale!

Its unique charm is found in the modern, tropical beauty of the location and high-end architecture with one and two bedroom suites, or an amazing one-of-akind four-bedroom luxury penthouse.

Suite 1 bdrm 85.84 (Type A)

Suite 1 bdrm 86.17 (Type B)

Suite 2 bdrm